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Discover the transformation that overwhelmed parents are experiencing


Do you struggle with physical, mental or spiritual overwhelm as a parent?  Things seem upside down when they should be right side up! You find yourself saying the same thing over and over and over again? 


You may not even be sure of what the actual problems are but you do know that what you are doing now is causing way too much stress and overwhelm in your life. 

Take a deep breath!

You've found the place where you can learn tools and strategies to create more ease and joy in your life. 

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Home of the


DISCOVER and understand the root cause of the problem

CONNECT with your child on a whole new level

REWIRE behaviors with new strategies and resources

FEEL EMPOWERED with a plan for your next steps + solutions

Family at a Beach

Learn to flow with your child instead of working against the waves. Begin Your Journey Today.

A life transforming experience! Before meeting Marisa, I was having issues believing I was not a good father ... Working with Marisa has helped me see what makes me properly at peace & joy and has restored my belief in myself that I am an amazing father. I am full of excitement now, about my family's future. Exactly what I needed!

- Calvin

Meet Marisa

Certified ENLP Master Practitioner

(Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programing)

Transformational Coach & Parent Mentor

Hi!  I am Marisa and I help parents struggling with challenging children learn to live their best life by developing new strategies, building awareness, and creating connection.  My passion is helping people with challenging children pull themselves out of their physical, mental, and emotional overwhelm. Together we use highly specific ENLP tools to rewire unhealthy strategies and breakthrough existing challenges to find more ease and joy in your life. 

This program is unique because it actually digs into the root cause of surface level problems.  I teach new ways to manage challenging behaviors and clear blocks at an unconscious level.  This allow my clients to achieve real change and see results in as little as 6 weeks. 

I am passionate about this because I know first hand what it is like to have a child who is "extra" and how tough it is to feel lost and overwhelmed. Learning and applying these methods have made such a tremendous improvement in my journey as a mother and I want to share it with those in need.  I work with both neurodiverse and neurotypical families and individuals. My mission is to raise consciousness and awareness to help struggling parents find the light at the end of their tunnel. 

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