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Discover the transformation that parents with challenging kids are experiencing


Do you feel like something is just "off" with your child?  Things seem upside down when they should be right side up?

Take a deep breath!

You've found the place where life changing breakthroughs happen everyday for parents just like you.

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DISCOVER and understand the root cause of the problem

CONNECT with your child on a whole new level

REWIRE behaviors with new strategies and resources

FEEL EMPOWERED with a plan for your next steps + solutions

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Learn to flow with your child instead of working against the waves. Begin Your Journey Today.

A life transforming experience! Before meeting Marisa, I was having issues believing I was not a good father ... Working with Marisa has helped me see what makes me properly at peace & joy and has restored my belief in myself that I am an amazing father. I am full of excitement now, about my family's future. Exactly what I needed!

- Calvin

Meet Marisa

Certified ENLP Practitioner

(Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programing)

Transformational Coach & Parent Mentor

I believe there is greatness in all of us and your challenging child is no different.  My mission is to create a safe haven for all parents struggling to understand what's going on with their child and create a roadmap to help you experience your own breakthrough.  My gifts are to intuitively dig in and get to the root cause of your problem and the ability to create lasting solutions that suit your individual and family needs. If you want answers for your child or you are personally struggling with being a parent, I can help!


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