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Discover the transformation that overwhelmed parents are experiencing


Do you struggle with physical, mental or emotional overwhelm as the parent of a uniquely wired child? 


Things seem upside down when they should be right side up!   


Imagine the ability to just BE present, calm and confident, even in the middle of a meltdown ... without taking on any of the intense emotions!

Take a deep breath.

You're in the right place where you can support your child's growth and development ... and your sanity at the same time. 

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DISCOVER and understand the root cause of the problem

CONNECT with your child on a whole new level

REWIRE behaviors with new strategies and resources

FEEL EMPOWERED with a plan for your next steps + solutions

Family at a Beach

Learn to flow with your child instead of working against the waves. Begin Your Journey Today.

”Before my Breakthrough program with Marisa, I was feeling mentally and emotionally drained for months. Despite all the stuff that I had been doing "working on myself," and working on improving my parenting...all the books I was reading, classes I was taking, parenting groups I was participating in, meditation, energy work, etc...I was still feeling emotionally drained. I was regularly losing my temper with my kids, especially our older son who was recently diagnosed with ASD. 

Now, I no longer lose my temper with my kids, not in the way that I used to. For sure I still feel stress and discomfort. There is no denying the challenges of being a working parent. But the stress doesn't get under my skin. I don't fly off a handle. I can calm myself, I can respond appropriately and effectively, and in turn, my kids feel safe and loved.

I better understand my child's world and how to motivate him to cooperate. And it is working. He's acted out much less. Less verbal aggression, better manners, expressing his feelings appropriately, and he even said "I love you" -- unprompted! -- a few times, which I think was a first!!"

- Melissa

Meet Marisa

Certified ENLP Master Practitioner

(Evolved Neuro-Linguistic Programing)

Transformational Coach, Speaker, Author & Parent Mentor

Hi!  I am Marisa and I help parents struggling with uniquely wired children learn to thrive in life. My passion is supporting people with neurodivergent children overcome anxiousness and overwhelm so they can have peace and confidence in their unique parenting experience. Together using highly specific ENLP tools, we develop supportive strategies, build awareness and breakthrough existing challenges to unlock ease and joy in your life. 

This program is transformational because it actually digs into the root cause of surface level problems.  I teach new ways to manage challenging behaviors and clear blocks at an unconscious level. Clients achieve real change and see results in as little as 6 weeks. 

I am passionate about this because I know first hand what it is like to have a child who is "extra" and how tough it is to feel lost, alone and overwhelmed. Learning and applying these methods have made such a tremendous improvement in my journey as a mother and I want to share it with those in need.  I work with both neurodivergent and neurotypical families and individuals. My mission is to raise consciousness and awareness to help struggling parents find the light at the end of their tunnel. 

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