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Are you ready to put the pieces of the puzzle together?

Of course you are!

You belong here.

Parenting a challenging child can be really hard.  I get it!  I've been there.   Allow me to guide you through the most innovative, tested & proven processes that WILL change your life.  We've got this!

It's time to stop spinning your wheels.  I can help you OVERCOME the problem with my unique set of coaching and energy healing tools.

It's possible!  I've done it for myself & you can do it too.

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2 hour individual session

This is where the magic starts!


Here, we will discuss the challenges you face, how they're affecting you and your child, and ultimately where you want to be.  Then we dig a bit deeper into the biggest problem areas.  Lastly, we will map out a plan to get you where you need to be.  Once we finish you will be crystal clear on what steps to take next, including any support you may need along the way.  

Available in person or via Zoom

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2 day group program

50% OFF the NEW Small Group Pilot Program  - limited time only

An EASY and SIMPLE start.  Learn how to connect in a meaningful way and gain new insights.  Start rewiring problem behaviors and become empowered.  These small steps will give you awareness, understanding and confidence to make life a heck of a lot easier.


All online via Zoom

Introductory calls are complimentary.


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7 week program

Experience the full awakening!


Discover and learn about the root cause of the problem.  Connect with your child on a whole new level with a deep understanding of their "why."  Receive individualized strategies and resources to smash through problem behaviors and create lasting solutions.  You'll laugh, cry, and push the limits to become more confident and help your child thrive!

Available in person or via Zoom

The reality is that raising children can take a big toll on relationships and marriages. Are you experiencing increased arguments and stress in your relationship, feel unheard or struggle to see eye to eye?


I have a wealth of modalities to help you! My unique set of tools and expertise will reduce stress and frustration in your relationship so you can enjoy healthy communication and happiness that is truly life changing.  

Not sure what steps to take?

Let's chat and identify what would work best for you.

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