Meet Marisa

Transformational Coach,  Evolved NLP (TM),  Quantum Time Release(TM), Quantum Goal Setting, Reiki & Acupressure

I believe there is greatness in all of us and your challenging child is no different.  My mission is to create a safe haven for all parents struggling to understand what's going on with their child and create a roadmap to help you experience your own breakthrough.  My gift is to intuitively dig in and get to the root cause of your problem and the ability to create lasting solutions that suit your individual and family's needs. 

I've always had a natural desire to help others.  I'm a complete geek about how brains work, neuroplasticity and how it's all connected.  Apparently i should have started my education in this field instead of fashion design and merchandising.  Instead i used to have "therapy or bitch-it-out" sessions in my office with co-workers and also in my boutique. Eventually I figured out my passion to understand the brain on a much deeper level and how I could help others overcome similar challenges that i have and got to work quickly.  


Is parenthood sucking the life out of you?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start or what to do?

SMALL STEPS is an EASY and SIMPLE way to start making change happen towards a better way of life.  And lets be honest ... when you're feeling better the whole family benefits. 

This discovery session you'll gain more self awareness and have a clear understanding of what next steps you need to take to 

There is so much hope and I'm here to help you.  

Plus BONUSES included!