Energy Work & Modalities

In addition to Coaching Services, you can also schedule one time sessions with a number of specialized modalities and healing arts. 


Does sensory overload or negative energy affect you or your child?  Do you struggle to keep other people's unwanted stress or negative energy from affecting your own energy level and mood?  Sensitive people and empaths often become overwhelmed by excessive stimulation and are prone to exhaustion from this overload of stress and negativity.  Creating a personal energy shield is the easiest and most effective way to block out toxic energy and allow you to stay balanced and grounded.


Kicking it up a notch ... Do you ever have a hard time speaking up or being heard?  I can help you find your voice.  Let's chat!

Image by Jeremy Bishop
Sandy Beach

Sometimes we all just need a ZEN MOMENT to clear away stress and refresh.  Other times we need an overhaul to clear out negativity and BALANCE our positive energy.