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Access Your Authentic Power & Live the life you were born to live

Join Marisa LIVE Online For 2 Days of Transformation!





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Access Your



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I'm so excited you are here!

I just love synchronicity and if this workshop has come into your life at just the right time, then I have a life changing message to share with you.

This is something I’ve been fortunate enough to discover … after years of training and 10’s of thousands of dollars invested.

If you are a mom looking to transcend the status quo and tap into your value and self-worth and ultimately help your kids develop self-love and self-acceptance so they can reach their potential than this is made for you and this may be the most important thing you read this year!

What if I told you that I truly believe there is a way to create harmony in your mom life?

A place where you feel totally aligned with your capabilities as a mom AND living your purpose and passion at the same time?

I’m talking about transcending any guilt or self-doubt and embodying your worth.


Knowing at your core, you know you are the absolute best mom for your unique child, and you also have the tools and resources to support them while you follow your passion.

Hi! I'm Marisa O'Brien, founder of The Parent Breakthrough and I am so excited to share this uplifting, transformational and highly experiential event on how to live the life you were born to live.

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My Story

“Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing.” _ Wayne Dyer.png

I believe everyone has unique gifts and limitless potential to thrive in their experience instead of just surviving. My mission is to help support and elevate the lives of parents with children who are “extra.” Together we release the physical, mental, and emotional overwhelm and replace it with more ease, balance, and joy.

Ever since I experienced my own awakening, I’ve been balancing living in my purpose and raising a neurodivergent child with more ease than I could have imagined just a short few years ago.

As a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programing and Trauma Aware Transformational Coach, I’ve helped so many moms (and some dads too) overcome the biggest challenges in their life, transform their family dynamic and find their joy and peace in their unique motherhood experience.

I personally understand what it’s like to feel like you are meant for more but are weighed down by guilt, self-doubt and at times I even felt hopeless.

Maybe you can relate.

Have you ever thought, If I only knew what direction to go in to help my child?

I wish there was a user’s manual for this kid?

I thought things would be easier by now.

If so, you are definitely not alone.

I remember a time when I was laying on my kitchen floor unsure of what to do next to help my child. Lost and in a state of questioning my every decision. Maybe if I did more or tried that other program. Did I make the right choice ... and the yada yada was incessant. 

I knew I was a good mom but I thought, does it really have to be this hard? I thought there has got to be a better way than living in a state of exhaustion and worry, right!?! I was looking at other moms and thinking maybe they just have an easier child.


The reality was, I do have a uniquely wired, beautifully neurodivergent child, and that does have it’s challenges, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live a life with more ease, peace and alignment.

And I’m not talking about a short term solution …

I’m talking about an entirely different way to BE!

A new way of doing life that supports all areas, not just one.

This shift was SO different than the way I was living. I was able to shift out of the negative thoughts quickly, be present in the moment and most importantly, I was able to be the calm within the storm when things did spiral out of control.

You may be in a similar situation or one totally different with your child. You may event be confused on what step to take next or feeling overwhelmed. 

The good news is that transforming where you are and shifting into where you want to be doesn't need to be a lifelong journey. 

All you need is to get your unique roadmap so you know the roads to take, and what ones to avoid. I know the framework to make lasting change, what took me years and 10’s of thousands of dollars I now guide others to do for a fraction of the time and investment.

Things like:

  • Rewiring unsupportive strategies

  • Releasing the intense mom guilt

  • Tools on how to get your kids to listen without yelling

  • How to reduce the behaviors that are driving you nuts daily

  • No longer having intense emotions dumped all over you

  • Feeling aligned and confident in your unique motherhood experience 


The reality is transformation doesn't happen overnight, which is why this two-day workshop is packed full of the most powerful steps of transformation that typically takes clients months to achieve!

Change is inevitable, transformation is a choice. 

​Let’s Thrive Together!

Our Physical Reality

Everything is energy

Whatever you're experiencing right now in your physical reality is within your power to change, amplify, or eliminate. And I'll be guiding you along the way. Gain understanding on what has been holding you back (hint, it's usually not what you think), clearing a path for your true self to shine. There will be lots of fun, aha's, and life changing transformation!  

What lies within us - Ralph Waldo Emerson.png
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Why Aren't Most People Successful?

They have some awareness of what's blocking them, but don't ever address these blocks, or the trauma that created them, at a cellular level. Awareness isn't enough.

They are great at giving, but not so great at receiving and they don't know how to break through old programming and clear the path to move forward powerfully. 

There's a subconscious payoff they experience that's tied to getting core human needs met. Until that need is illuminated, the problem (no matter how painful) will persist.

They think they're committed to results but they aren't willing to take action. Action indicates intention. Commitment can't be conditional. 

How you will awaken your true self!

Since you’ve read this far, I’m pretty confident we have a good amount in common and I would love to invite you to Awaken Your True Self.

  1. First, we start with some mind-blowing awareness.

  2. Then we uncover your own personal deep rooted cycles, work with universal laws to release what is no longer supportive and then build out what we want and I guide you through the process to create your personal roadmap for getting there.

  3. Lastly, we’ll start to install new supportive believes that kick those old roadblocks to the curb so you can step into your true self.  

Here is What Your Ticket Includes

  • 2 Days Facilitated LIVE over zoom with Marisa (9am-4:30pm EST). Expect a 45-minute lunch break as well as mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. 

  • A Downloadable Workbook to Complete Exercises and Journal Your Reflections.

  • Live Demos, Exercises and Q&A Throughout. This is an immersive experience. You will be able to engage as much or as little as you like.

  • Experience Profound Transformation and a sense of Lightness, Peace and Clarity! 

This is the most value packed 2-day experience that gives you what a 1:1 breakthrough (valued at $8,000) worth of growth in just 2 days. Because I am so passionate about helping moms to thrive, instead of $750 I'm sharing it with you for just $299. AND ... I'm doing a money back guarantee so you can join risk free.


I am 100% ok with guaranteeing this workshop because it has been transformational for 100’s of people and my coaching clients always get amazing results, as long as they show up with an open mind for transformation, do the work and take action. 

Special Price 299_edited.jpg

Only 12 spots available

break chain.png

Now, as you can imagine, I get a lot of curious moms wanting to transform their lives. So, it’s important that you read this next part very carefully.


This Workshop is NOT for Everyone.

I can only help a small group of moms who are ready to connect with their desires and clear the blocks getting in the way of achieving your dreams. 

So, in order for me to help you, you need to meet the below requirements.

  1. First, you are open to possibility. Skepticism is totally fine, in fact I was totally skeptical at first, however, your mind has to be open to the possibility of this working for you. This means that you are willing and open to coaching.

  2. Second, you need to have an intention. You need to know why you think this will work for you. You don’t need your specific problem area as we will dig into specifics in the workshop.

  3. Third, you need to release judgment of other participants. There will be vulnerability and other moms who are digging deep, looking to uncover what is holding them back and I need everyone’s focus on themselves and their own transformation, not on someone else’s story. Positive encouragement only.

  4. Forth, you are ready to take action and show up for yourself.


If you meet the above criteria ….  

Wooohoooo!  I am so excited for you and I am honored to invite you to Awaken Your True Self!

Now it’s your turn to decide if you will say YES and grab your spot below.

There are only 12 spots open so capacity is a factor.


Awaken Your True Self


  • A new way of understanding the world and your place in it

  • How to integrate and balance the Body • Mind • Spirit connection

  • A clear understanding of your core story and how it may be blocking your potential for success and happiness

  • Seeing the obstacles on your path with specific and proven methods to move beyond them

  • Powerful techniques to keep you moving forward on the path of self discovery and awakening your true self

  • A triumphant return to self love, self worth and self respect

  • A sense of inner peace you may not have experienced in years

Cover - background.png

Receive the awareness you need to clear your path and co-create the future you desire! 

Awaken Your True Self


“In a loving, peaceful, painless, joyous way, we were led on a journey to our True Self. We were guided to face our fears, our insecurities and our underlying issues about anger, resentment and guilt. The course also helped me identify what I needed to work on in order to be in harmony with my soul’s purpose. After completing the course, I feel empowered to reach my goals and love my greatness.”


Happy Woman

“A life changing weekend…. I received more knowledge and wisdom and benefit from those 2 days then I have had in 14 years of off and on counselling.  The “wow moments” were endless and I’m excited about living my new life of cause and response-ability.  Thank-you Kelley and Laura for giving me the courage, respect, wisdom and love to enter into the process of loving and admiring myself!”


What People Are Saying

Cover - background.png

I am Ready!

This work has been life changing for me. I am so excited to see you there so you too can experience the magic of Awakening Your True Self!

xoxo Marisa

PS - Only a limited amount of spots left. Grab your ticket now. 
PPS - Do you tick all the boxes but prefer a 1-1 setting?  Click this link to schedule a complimentary call to guide you through your first steps

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