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Calm, Confident Kids (& Parents too)

Shift from overwhelm + worry to confidence + calm. An accelerated workshop for busy parents

Join the WAITLIST!

The online e-course starts March 24, 2021 LIVE at 8pm EST on Facebook

Join live to see what it's all about and join the waitlist for a chance to join this session or get first priority for the next session. 

As a busy mom of a high needs kid, I get it!  You want to be the best mom you can be but there are never enough hours in the day, so I've developed an EASY-to-follow program for you.  Learn techniques you can use to make quick progress for you and your child.   Discover how to eliminate worries to create more peace, connection, and ease in your life.

Want to live a life with LESS worry and anxiousness and MORE CALMNESS & CONFIDENCE for you and your child?


  • feel anxious or overwhelmed regularly with parenting

  • have concerns that your child worries too much

  • have a child who doesn't listen to you

  • don't have time to read all the books, blogs and articles to find what really works

  • want to build a stronger connection with your child

  • want tried and true methods to effectively communicate and manage challenging and anxious moments

  • want to feel empowered with strategic tools to help you and your child thrive


💛 Increased confidence for yourself and your child 

💛 Tools & Strategies rooted in neuroscience that help you to effectively communicate and connect with your child

💛 New awareness and knowledge so you can shift from frustration and overwhelm to calmness and confidence

💛 Visualization model to use with your child to help them overcome anxiousness

💛 Techniques to build new neurological pathways to help your child gain new choices so they can pivot and thrive

💛 A deeper understanding of how our brains work so you can learn to flow with your child instead of working against the waves

💛 Feeling empowered with new ways of thinking, doing and being to get real results in your family


The program consists of FLEXIBLE ONLINE TRAINING plus lots of support and connection time. All live trainings will be recorded for your convivence.

  • Register below and you will receive a link to the workshop kick off zoom meeting. (You will also receive an email with the replay just in case you can't make it to the live kick off)

  • Daily videos and worksheets will be sent right to your inbox for you to complete at your own pace

  • Multiple live trainings via zoom as well as time for Questions & Answers after the sessions to support you throughout the workshop.  If there are sessions you can't attend, no worries, all live sessions will be recorded and emailed to you.

  • It is designed as a small group so you get individualized support as needed. 

  • The program starts on March 24th and ends April 7th.  You will always have access the videos, worksheets and live trainings.  Live trainings will vary in days and times during the program to accommodate all participants. 

"Calm, Confident Kids (and parents too)" starts soon.

This is a small group workshop so you receive individualized support so there is an investment to be a part of the group and spots are limited.  Join the waitlist today for early access, bonus materials and discounts to join.


I am look forward to seeing you there,

Marisa O'Brien

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