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Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable, just like the changing of the seasons. The leaves fall off of the trees not because they were broken, failed or didn't do a good enough job. They fall because it is time for the tree to conserve energy to prepare for winter. Holding onto the leaves would put the tree at risk and deplete its much-needed energy.

We can put such a strain on ourselves, our significant others, parents, children etc when we are carrying a load that is too heavy for us. Sometimes we know we are overburdened but don't know how to change it. I'm going to guide you in your discovery of what your needs are in this moment starting with some reflection.

Let's release our excess baggage like the trees do and make space for rejuvenation and growth.

Say YES if you are you with me!

Yea! We are in this together. Fall is the perfect time for a reset!

To help you shift with ease, I've put together a guide and some questions to support you create positive change in your life.

Reflect to Release

It's time to recalibrate the path you are on. Cycles are everywhere and when we continue on the same path we've always been on without reflecting, we can get stuck in old habits and patterns that keep us where we don't want to be. In being open to change we can reflect without judgement or self-criticism. We then gain the awareness we need to start making positive change in our lives and breakthrough those old cycles.

5 questions to ask yourself:

Now it's time to get out a pen and some paper. If answers don't come right away that is ok, allow yourself to free write, journal or meditate for a little bit. Then go back to it. Remember, this is a judgement free process. Allow yourself to write freely to gain the insight and awareness you need in the moment.

1) What is it that you are holding onto that is draining your energy?

2) What is no longer working for you?

3) What is working well?

4) What needs to be released for a little while so you can recharge your energy?

5) What new shifts or habits do you want to see in your life moving forward?

Note: If there is anything you know needs to change but it's something you've been working on shifting for weeks, months or years without success ... I've got you. There is likely a little unconscious resistance going on that we can work through in a gentle, joyful way. Send me a note with and we can get to the bottom of it together.

As Socrates' said "The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

I would love to hear more about what you learned from this exercise and what your focus is for moving forward so I can bring you more value.

Happy Fall!



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