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Our Beliefs Matter - Let's Uplevel Together

I believe we have so much power within ourselves. Power to change the trajectory of our life based on what we believe to be true. There is so much potential in each and every one of us regardless of our perceived abilities.

Capabilities we have yet to uncover!

I believe we are capable of so much more than we know. After all, there are so many things that have been accomplished that had previously been thought of as impossible. For example, the 4-minute mile first achieved in 1954 by Roger Bannister. Runners had been chasing that goal for over 50 years! One year later multiple runners broke that 4 minute barrier and now over a thousand runners have crushed this number that once was considered hopelessly out of reach.

What do you believe is hopelessly out of reach?

What if it wasn't?

In the work I do I see moments like this that seem like miracles regularly and goosebumps are a part of my daily life now. By uncovering our deep rooted believes that are no longer supporting our goals we can actually re-wire our neurological connections. Yes! Rewire our brain connections to work for us instead of against us. Even better, it is now done in much less time using specialized modalities to mirror the achievement desired and remove the blocks getting in our way. That goal of running the 4-minute mile that took decades to achieve that then others did within months is now possible for our own individual lives too. Things that took decades or years can be achieved in a fraction of the time when you have the right coaches who know how to work with these deep seeded believes and rewire them at a conscious and unconscious level like my colleagues and I do. And there is more than just belief, it's having the right resources to support you in your journey. Working together and collaborating to reach new milestones is the best way to achieve success.

So what is the next hurdle that you want to overcome?

If you would like some support in getting there sooner rather than later, hop on a 30-minute coaching call to get the ball rolling in the right direction. I'll do an assessment for you on how to take the first step towards your goal.

At the end of the day, it is our mindset can make the impossible become possible. If we believe it will never happen, it will likely never happen, however when we believe in possibility, we can be plesently surprised with a result even better than we imagined in the first place.

I rarely use the word never, however today I am. Never limit yourself or your child with what others say is impossible. We know ourselves and our children better than any professional or doctor on the planet and we need to start trusting our own intuition that opens the door to impossible feats becoming possible.

Miracles do happen! When we open ourselves up to possibility, the impossible can become possible.

Mindset Tip: The funny thing about our mind is that it actually will believe things that are not true.🤯Say What!?!

That's right, miracles included.

This is huge when dealing with ourselves and our kids because our words become their inner voice and ours too. 💭

So what do we actually want to believe about ourselves and our kids?

What do we want them to believe about themselves?

I'm not talking about the things we don't want them doing, but instead the things we DO want them to be capable of. Those are the seeds we need to plant in our minds and theirs too 🌱

Our believes, thoughts and words matter. When we are conscious of the words we are planting in our minds, we can then make choices that support us in living up to our potential🪴one step at a time.

Are you ready for that first step?

Let's upgrade our mindset together! Connect with me below and add the note "UPLEVEL"



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