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Ring in the New Year on a positive note

This year is definitely unique. A lot of us are spending New Year's at home so here's some ideas to make it special and some FUN party ideas below.

Reflect on what good things happened in 2020 and set new intentions for 2021. Chat with your kids and ask any or all of the following questions. Don't forget to go back and forth and let them know your answers too.


1) What was your biggest accomplishment this year?

2) What new skill, hobby or valuable lesson did you learn this year?

3) What is your favorite memory this year?

4) What are your favorite things about yourself?

5) What are 5 things you are grateful for this year?


1) What do you want to spend more time doing next year?

2) What fun ideas do you have to do as a family?

3) What is something new you want to try in the new year?

4) What will you change or do better at in the new year?

5) What goals would you like to make for 2021?


Here's a few things you can do to create your own fun for New Year's Eve with things you already have at home. Add your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

Dress up & take pictures

Get as fancy, silly or creative as you want. You could even set up your own DIY photo booth out of construction paper and cardboard.

Watch fireworks on TV and make firework art

You can paint or draw or even make a noise maker water bottle. Dry out a water bottle and add in anything like beads, rocks, bells, nuts or rice. Screw back on the top & decorate it with paint, ribbon, and any other materials you may have at home. You can even add glitter inside for some sparkle and ribbon.

Have a dance party!

Make a playlist with your favorite family songs and give out prizes for the best dancer after each song. Easy prizes can be a baggie with candy or chocolate or getting to play their choice of a family game next.

Tip: If you have young kids you can go to Netflix and celebrate new years at 8pm with cartoon characters. Just search countdown on Netflix and pick a character.

Now let's celebrate!

xoxo - Marisa

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